The Wealthy, Destitute, and His Promise

Sometimes we might wonder why Allah created and let destitute people living on His earth with so much difficulties. Some people are rich, and some others are struggling to death in life, and on the surface, that does not seem fair. However, Allah creates each kind of people with its own challenges. It might seem that those people in need are the ones who hang their lives on the rich ones. In fact, there is a mutualistic relationship between them.

He does not create those rich people and those who are deprived for nothing but to complement each other. Those who are bestowed with wealth upon them are being tested for their wealth, whether or not they spend it for the sake of Allah. These people will need to purify their wealth, and that is why they need the underprivileged people. In the other hand, the underprivileged people are being tested for their patience and faith to stay in the rough but blessed path of Islam. They live along with hardships and misfortune for The Almighty to see their patience and faith to Him.

All in all, these people depend on each other. Wealthy people need the deprived as a medium to purify their wealth, as well as to prove to Allah that they deserve a place in Jannah for they have already passed the test. Whereas those people in difficulties do need the generosity from the wealthy ones to keep surviving, living, and believing that Allah’s mercy and help is real.

“Allah does not fail in His promise.” (Surah Ali Imran : 9)

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