Prayer of the prophet Khidr

O Allah, I beg of You

With Your mercy which covers all things

With Your power

by which you have conquered all things

And hence ducking everything

And therefore humbles everything

With Your glory

that conquers all

With your power

 which is unbearable by everything

With Your greatness

that fulfills all

With Your power

 that overcomes all

With your face

 which is eternal after everything is extinct

With your asthma

 that fulfills the milestone of everything

With your knowledge


With the light of Your face

that illuminates everything

O Nur, O Most Holy One!

O the beginning of all that is beginning!

O end of all endings!

Dear Allah,

forgive my sins that undermine the guard.

Dear Allah,

Forgive my disastrous sins.

Dear Allah,

Forgive my sins which spoil the gift.

Dear Allah,

Forgive my sins that hold back prayer.

Dear Allah,

Forgive my sins that bring down reinforcements.

Dear Allah,

Forgive all the sins that I have done and all the mistakes that I have done.

Sayyid ibn Thawus, in the book of Iqbal this history was conveyed by Kumayl

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