Seven Types of People Who Blessed with Help on The Final Day: Gather in The Mahsyar Field

In time, humans will be gathered in the mahsyar field. 


The word of Allah SWT in Surah al-Kahf verse 47: “And (remember) the day (when) we will travel the mountains and you will see the earth is flat and we will gather all humans and we will not leave any of them.


They have narrated from ‘Aisha r.a. He said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (SAW) say: On that day people will be gathered (to the Mahsyar field) barefoot, completely naked and uncircumcised. I asked: O Messenger of Allah, do men and women see each other? The Prophet replied: O ‘Aisha, the matters of the Day of Judgment are more important (heavier) than seeing each other. (H.R. Muslim)


That is the picture of the awesomeness on the day the people gathered in the Mahsyar field. As explained in the hadith, at that time human conditions varied. This depends on the charity he did during his life on earth.


The sun at that time was brought near by Allah SWT with such a close distance. Try to imagine the fate of humans at that time. Right now when we stand under the hot sun it feels very hot. The distance between the sun and the earth is billions or even trillions of kilometers. What happens when the sun is so close to us? It was so hot that it was narrated that many people were drenched in sweat. Some sweat up to their ankles, some up to their knees, some up to their waists, chests, some even drown in their own sweat. 


Some of us may never have imagined this problem. We are so busy with the world that there is no time to contemplate our journey. It could be that our hearts are busy with worldly trinkets so that we are not given the ability by Allah to capture the wisdom and lessons from whatever we experience or witness in this world.


When humans are all afraid to face the enormity of the Day of Judgment, Allah SWT gives privileges in the form of special shade (protection) to some of His servants. The people who are given such protection as in the previous hadith are people of seven groups. Hopefully we are included in the seven groups. Amen. We will explore these hadiths one by one in a series of writings.


In the above hadith it is stated that among those who will receive shade on the Day of Resurrection, namely men when seduced and invited to commit lewdness, he said: Verily I fear Allah.


Indeed, women are not always the first trigger for lewd acts or adultery. But religion speaks in general, because women are naturally part of the decoration of the world. Hasn’t Allah SWT already stated in Surah Ali-Imran verse 14: “Decorated for humans to like and love women, children, and property of gold and silver, and horses, and plants and livestock,”.

Women do have an extraordinary allure, although it is recognized that A man also has charm.

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