Seven Types of People Who Blessed with Help on The Final Day: Yusuf and Zulaikha Story


Other evidence that we can present is a story that is familiar to us, namely the story of the Prophet Yusuf a.s and Zulaikha. In Surah Yusuf verse 23 it is narrated: And the woman (Zulaikha) who lived in her house tempted Yusuf to submit herself (to him) and she closed the doors, saying: “Come here”, Yusuf said: “I seek refuge in Allah, indeed my master ( Qithfir) has treated me well”. Indeed, the wrongdoers are not lucky.


Even in the continuation of the verse it is explained that Yusuf ran to avoid Zulaikha’s invitation. Meanwhile, Zulaikha, who was possessed by lust, chased Yusuf until the back of Yusuf’s shirt was torn because Zulaikha was pulled.


So are we denying the information of the Qur’an that cannot be doubted. Indeed, most men become seducers and even rape women. But it should also be realized that women with seductive appearances and transparent clothes will provoke the lust of men who see them.


Islam is a perfect religion that respects the position of women. Women have privileges and advantages, but we also need to realize that women also have a lot of potential that is not good. Regarding the potential for slander on women, Rasulullah SAW said: “I have not left the generation of men after me a fitnah that is more dangerous than women. (H.R. Ahmad, Bukhari and Muslim).




We can’t look down on women. Besides women can have a negative impact, women also have privileges that Islam glorifies. Nor should we always accuse women who are at fault. We must be objective that whoever initiates and invites to commit lewdness, let alone commit adultery, is the one who is the most sinful and must be rejected and abandoned. Don’t because they both love you end up committing adultery. Moreover, nowadays more and more affairs are happening in various circles.


We often follow the wishes of those we love. And conversely we often disappoint Allah by breaking His prohibitions and abandoning His commands.

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