Seven Types of People Who Blessed with Help on The Final Day: Strong Faith Even When Seduced by Women


‘An Abi hurairata r.a qoola. Qoola Rasuulullahi Shallallaahu ‘laihi wa sallama: Sab’atun yudzhilluhumullaahu yauma laa dzhilla illaa dzhilluhu. Imaamun ‘Aadilun, wa syaabun nasya’a fii ‘ibaadatillahi ta’ala, wa rajulun qalbuhu mu’allqun bil masaajid, wa rajulaani tahaaba fillahi, ijtaama’a ‘alaihi watafarraqa ‘alaihi, wa rajulun man’a d’athu imatu jamaalin, fa qoola: Innii akhoofulloha, wa rajulun tashaddaqo bishodaqatin fa akhfaha hatta laa ta’lama syimaaluhu maa tunfiqu yamiinuhu, wa rajulun dzakarallaha khooliyan fafaadhot ‘ainaahu. Muttafaqun ‘alihi.


From Abi Hurairah r.a, he said: The Messenger of Allah said: There are seven groups who Allah will shade on the day there is no shade except His shade, namely: a just leader, a teenager who always worships Allah, someone whose heart is permanently attached to the mosque, two people who love each other for the sake of Allah, where both of them gather and separate for the sake of Allah, a man who when seduced by a noble and beautiful woman then replies: “I fear Allah”, a person who gives charity and then hides it so that his hands his left-hand does not know what his right-hand puts out, and a person who makes dhikr to Allah in a quiet place and then his eyes are filled with tears. (H.R. Bukhari Muslim).


The above hadith is a sahih hadith narrated by Bukhari Muslim. This hadith describes the group of people receiving particular shade (protection) from Allah SWT.


Those who receive the guidance of Allah SWT, they will receive invaluable wisdom and lessons. That is a lesson about the awareness that humans will collect later in the mahsyar field. But for those whose hearts are closed then there is no wisdom whatsoever that he can.

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