Du’a of a Husband


I always pray to Allah that if I am allowed to be happy, I will ask that happiness bestows on others until in the hereafter. That other person is my wife.

I always pray to Allah if I am allowed to live long, then let me accompany others by my side in the beauty of munajat to the Creator of the universe. The person by my side is my wife.

I always pray to Allah if I am allowed to enter Paradise, it will enable me to reject all the angels. I only want one angel to accompany me in heaven someday. That angel is my wife.


My pious wife…

I really can’t hold back the tears in every strand of my prayer:

So that the Merciful Allah always pours out His love for you

Strengthens Islam and faith in your heart

Bestows health on you 

Expands your scientific horizons, expands your patience, strengthens your deeds of worship and scents your character so that you will always be a flower of heaven that continuously blooms. In the garden of my soul


My pious wife…

In adversity, there are seeds of glory; during a storm, there is a ray of light

In anxiety, there are a thousand hopes

In trials there are drops of His love.

Thank you for accompanying me to this limitless ocean of life with complete pleasure and sincerity. May only Allah show His majesty and greatness to our ark.

I am always pleased with you as the most beautiful gift from Allah after my religion and the Qur’an. You are the best adornment from my Lord in the expanse of my love rug.


My pious wife…

I love you because of Allah

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