Khusyu’ During Shalah

Khusyu ‘means the presence of the heart before Allah SWT, while conserving the heart so that it really bears feelings close to Allah SWT. Prayers in this condition will make the heart calm, thuma’ninah movements, and maintain etiquette before Allah the Almighty. Thus, God willing, we can maintain concentration on what we say and do in prayer from beginning to end. Far from misgivings and worldly thoughts. This is the spirit of prayer. A prayer that has no solemnity is a prayer that has no soul.


Compared to us, when we pray our minds wander everywhere. His face was facing the Kaaba, but his heart and mind were nowhere to be found. Even though the Messenger of Allah (SAW) has warned that many people do not get the reward for their prayers. It just gets tiring and exhausting. Rasulullah SAW said: “How many people do prayer but he only gets tired and tired from praying it.” (HR. ad-Darimiy, Ahmad and Ibn Majah)


Only the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Verily, a servant finishes his prayer and he does not receive anything from his prayer except one-tenth, one-ninth, eighth, one-seventh, one-sixth, one-fifth, one-fourth, or one-half.” (Musykilul atsar).

Likewise, it is mentioned in another narration. The prayer that Allah will accept is the part of the prayer that he remembers or is aware of. It could be only 80%, 50%, 20% even only 5%. As Dawuh Kanjeng the Prophet SAW, “Truly a servant prays with one prayer, not written for him (reward) one-sixth or one-tenth. But his prayer is written what he understands,” (Hilyatul auliya ‘).


He also said, “A servant does not get a part of prayer except the part that he makes sense at the time of doing it”. For example, when he prostrates, he remembers Allah, then the reward he receives is the reward for prostration, for example, when he prays only humbly when he bows, then the reward he gets is the reward of bowing.

One of the efforts so that our prayers become full of rewards is to pray in congregation.


Written by: KH. M. Baidhowi 

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