Social – Economy Aspects of Al-Jalil (The Almighty)

  1. Put Allah above Everything

God must be placed in the highest position. This is supported by making all our attitudes and behaviors, as well as our beliefs, all of them must rely on and submit to Allah’s provisions while only hoping for His pleasure.


  1. Happiness of the Hereafter as the Goal of Life

For people who consider the afterlife as the goal of this life, they will not complain about the sufferings of life and be lulled by worldly pleasures. For him, all of that is a trust that will be accounted for before Him. Therefore he remains istiqomah in pursuing the pleasure of Allah in both happy and difficult conditions.


Source of Attitude and Mental Foundation

  • Love Allah more than anything in this world
  • Prioritizing worship rather than being busy with the world
  • Prefers a simple life but is on His way
  • Make life in the world an opportunity to increase charity
  • Do more than daydream without doing something

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