The Gripping Situation of the Battle of Uhud

At a time when the Islamic forces were only slightly for victory over the Quraysh in the battle of Uhud, there was a fatal mistake made by the archers. As a result, the situation turned completely and eventually caused a lot of losses to the Muslim army, even almost causing the death of the Prophet Muhammad

We have stated in the last edition that the Prophet Muhammad commanded very harshly against the archers, that they should remain on the hill. In a state of losing or winning. Although there was already this very firm command, when the archers saw that the Muslims had collected the spoils of the enemy, they were also possessed by selfish love for the world. They said to each other, “Spoils, spoils! Your teammates have already won. What else are you waiting for?” 


Their commander, Abdullah bin Jubair reminded them of the prophet’s command, saying, “Have you forgotten what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to all of you?” But the majority of them did not heed this warning. They said, “By Allah, we will truly join them so that we may obtain a share of this spoil.”


There were forty people who left the post on the hill. They joined the core army to collect the spoils. That way the backs of the Muslim army became empty, only Ibn Jubair and nine colleagues. These ten men remained in their original place until there was an order for them.


Ingenuity of Khalid bin Walid 


Khalid bin Walid apparently knew the archer army post on an empty hill. This golden opportunity was used by Khalid bin Walid. He quickly took a detour, until he arrived behind the Muslim army. Of course Abdullah bin Jubair and his nine companions were unable to face the cavalry commanded by Khalid bin Al-Walid. After finishing off Abdullah bin Jubair and his comrades, Khalid bin Al-Walid attacked the Muslim forces from behind and the members shouted loudly, so that the musyrik who had almost lost could see a new chapter in this war. Things are flipping. Now they can master the situation. One of the women among them, Amrah bint Al Qama Al-Harithiyah, immediately picked up the flag that was just lying down and raised it. The people looked at him and gathered around him. They called each other to a lot of people gathered there. Then they approached the Muslim army and surrounded from the front and back until they were pinched. 


Patriotic Attitude of the Prophet


At that time the Prophet (peace be upon him) was only with a small group of companions, as many as nine people. He saw their struggle in dispelling the pagans, because Khalid’s cavalry had destroyed them. Now in front of him there are only two paths. Either immediately ran for his life with his nine companions to a safer place, then left his other troops besieged, or did he reassure all the members of his divorced army to get to his place, then use them as shields to escape the enemy forces until they reached the top of Uhud. 


Here appears the ingenuity of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his courage in reading the situation. In a loud voice he cried out, “O servants of Allah…!” he was fully aware that the pagans would hear this before the divorced Muslims elsewhere could hear him, so that they could know his position. He cried out to them at the risk of being in this very critical condition. 


Muslim Troops Tick Light


As muslim forces were squeezed, many of them lost control. Nothing is thought of except one’s own safety. They ran away and left the battle. They don’t know what’s going on behind their backs after that. Some of them even returned to Medina. Some others fled up the mountain and others mingled with the Musyrik people. Two armies mixed with each other and difficult to distinguish, so it is not uncommon for Muslims to attack other Muslims. 


Al-Bukhari narrated from Aisha he said, “At the time of the battle of Uhud, the polytheists had already lost badly. Then there was a devil crying out, O servants of God beware of those behind you! Things turned around and they became mixed. Hudzaifah soon realized this. He who is with his father, Al-Yaman, cries out, O servants of Allah, he is my father! He was worried that his father was the victim of a wrong target. But no one stopped them when they killed their father. Finally Hudzaifah can only say, may Allah forgive you.”


This happens when the line becomes chaotic, the swimmer ticks and things get frenetic. They don’t know what to stop. During such a situation, suddenly someone was screaming, 

“Muhammad was killed.” The mentality of the Muslims instantly plummets and their spirit becomes lost, or precisely the spirit is almost nothing left in the sanubari of most Muslims. The battle stopped and many of them laid down their weapons. Others thought of getting in touch with Abdillah bin Ubai, the leader of the hypocrites, with the aim of seeking his protection from Abu Sufyan’s attack.


An-Nash bin An-Nadhr passed the Muslims who had dropped his hands asking, “What are you waiting for”, to which they replied, “The Prophet was killed.” “What do you do with your life after his death? Rise and die like the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), said Anas. Then he said, “O Allah, I ask you for forgiveness for what they do, and I take refuge in you from what they do.”


Then he passed sa’d bin Muadz, who asked him, “O where is Abu Umar?” Anas replied, “There is the scent of paradise, O Sa’d. I could only smell it from Uhud’s direction.” After that he went up and stormed, no one got his body. But then his sister was able to recognize him from the stature of his body, which turned out that his body had more than eighty wounds, some in the form of sword blades and some were in the form of arrows and some were in the form of spear stabs.  

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