Istiqomah Loved by Allah


Why is istiqomah not pleasing to Allah SWT and istiqomah pleasing to Allah swt? because not istiqamah it indicates that he is not sincere. The proverb says “after sweet sepah is thrown away” after the goal, worship stops. On the other hand, if the person is always istiqamah, it indicates strongly that what he is looking for is only the pleasure of Allah SWT.

Because istiqamah indicates sincerity, that’s why the Prophet SAW said, “The deeds most favored by Allah are those that are istiqamah even if only a little” (HR: Bukhari Muslim from Aisyah RA).


Istiqamah physically, God willing, can guarantee Husnul khatimah people. If that person is on the road doing good, at home doing good, in the mosque doing good wherever he is always istiqamah in doing good, then he will die wherever he is doing good and that is called husnul khatimah. Now he dies doing good, next year he dies doing good and who knows what year he dies he is also doing good, meaning whenever he dies, he is doing good “husnul khatimah”.


If that person rarely does good, he will not do good today, if he dies while doing good, if he doesn’t? this kind of thing does not guarantee husnul khatimah.


Source: KH. Marzuki Musytamar Speech

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