Deeds that are pleasing to Allah, Husnul Khotimah


Meaning: “The most beloved deed by Allah is (charity) that lasts (istiqomah) even if it is only a little.”

(Narrated by Bukhari Muslim from ‘Aisha)


Something very principle in Islam is sincerity. Sincerity means doing a practice that is sincere and comes from conscience and is intended solely because Allah SWT is not forced, grundel, not out of shame, or for appropriateness, not because of specific interests, not because people want to be praised, and he is entirely intentional because of the command of Allah SWT and seeks His pleasure.


Why is sincerity a very principle thing in charity? Because people do good deeds that realize from the sentence of monotheism “laa ilaaha illa Allah” no one has the right to be worshiped except Allah SWT. The person who has taken the shahada has made a vow and promised, “I will only worship Allah SWT”. The person seemed to promise me that I was committed to only worshiping Allah SWT.


Istiqomah The Fruit of Sincerity


People who already have the intention to carry out worship and a strong commitment will not be weathered by the times and are not affected by any situation so that under any circumstances he continues to worship, whether by worshiping he gets profit or not, earns praise from others or not, his worldly life success or not, his career is successful or not, he won’t care (I really think it’s a hassle (sincerely)), it’s not the career he’s looking for, it’s not the praise of the people he expects, what he hopes for is only one thing, namely sticking to the Shari’a and blessed by Allah. If we are able to do all of this, it is called istiqamah. Because when he is praised, while being ridiculed, people continue to worship. So istiqamah is proof of someone’s sincerity. if we are not sincere, we can not be istiqamah.


For example, a person who nominates a regent will diligently help out, stay in touch, visit the ta’lim majlis, etc., but when the goal has been achieved, he will forget all of that and even leave him. Well, it means he is not lasting, not lasting, because he stopped in the middle of the road. People who are not sincere cannot be istiqamah. people who want to be praised, when there is no praise then he will stop aka he doesn’t do good anymore and he is not istiqomah.


Source: KH. Marzuki Musytamar Speech

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