Dhikr, Heart Cleaner


People who always dhikr it means always mention the name of Allah and when someone always mentions the name of Allah SWT then Allah SWT will also mention (pay attention to) it, meaning that Allah SWT will always give His mercy to people who always dhikr to Him. Allah SWT says “Remember all of you to Me and I will call you all your names and and be grateful to Me all of you, don’t you all do kufr” (Surah al-Baqoroh: 152)

In the hadith of the Prophet SAW “Whoever mentions Me (dhikr) then I will also remember it, if he dhikr with many people then I mention his name in front of the angels who are more afdlal than the congregation”.

Although dhikr is just a name (light and a little capital) but dhikr is very important. Among them, the heart will become clear in the hadith of the Prophet SAW it is stated, “Indeed the heart will rust and the way to clean it is dhikr” and “Whoever is busy chanting My name (dhikr) does not have time to ask Me (pray) then I will give it to you. which is more afdal (main) than a person who without dhikr immediately asks.

If we include people who are committed to imitating the sunnah of the Prophet SAW then remember, in the Muslim hadith it is said that the Prophet SAW was always dhikr.


(Source: Kyai Marzuki Musytamar Speech)

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