Dhikr, the Essence of Worship: Husnul Khatimah Guarantee

We also realize that death can happen to anyone, healthy people, sick people, rich people, pious people, everyday people and so on whenever, wherever they can die. If the charity that is prioritized is only the congregation, then maybe only people who are husnul khatimah are healthy, if the charity that is prioritized is sadaqah other than shadaqah he doesn’t want husnul khatimah only rich people. But if the choice is dhikr and of course also carrying out fardlu (obligatory) worship then the rich die in a state of dhikr, the poor die in a state of dhikr, the pious die in a state of dhikr and so on. This means that everything can reach husnul khatimah.


Given the importance of dhikr worship, rich people who are diligent in sadaqah, pious people who aretiqamah in teaching, lay people who are diligent in congregation must have practice which is the core of worship, namely always dhikr (dawaam ad-dikr) so that we die at any time, for example. dies outside teaching, dies when not in congregation, dies when not in jihad in a state of dhikr and that is husnul khatimah, therefore the worship that is most loved by Allah SWT is always dhikr and why did the Prophet SAW command because everyone and anyone, anytime can do dhikr. Only for cloud people who can’t sadaqah, can’t do jihad and can’t teach either, then they should be ‘abid (people of worship) who do a lot of dhikr.


(Source: Kyai Marzuki Musytamar Speech)

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