The Life of Abu Darda that Made Umar Cry Sobbing

Uwaimir bin Malik Al Khazraji or better known as Abu Darda was a merchant and zuhud scholar who lived in the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW. He was friendly with Caliph Umar ibn Khattab.


In the book “Abu Darda: Merchants and Great Scholars” Fajar Dinar recounts, Caliph Umar ibn Khattab once visited Abu Darda’s house in Sham. Umar came to him to find out the living conditions of Abu Darda in the area.

After arriving, it turned out that Abu Darda’s house was not locked. Then Caliph Umar entered and the situation inside was very dark. Hearing Umar’s voice, Abu Darda got up and greeted his guest.


Umar was moved and concerned to see the situation of his friend. However, he realized that Abu Darda lived in his ablution. He has almost completely left the world and the luxuries of life.


They are also engaged in serious conversation. They talk about religious issues, state governance, and so on. Much was asked by Umar to Abu Darda, whose knowledge was like water in a vast ocean.


Because the situation in the house was dark, the two could not see the surface. Only their voices are heard. In that situation, Umar was curious and then groped abu Darda’s seat. 

Let’s just saddle a hard horse. There is also the case where Abu Darda sleeps, which is just sand.


In addition, Umar also touched his friend’s blanket, and it was only made of thin materials that were not enough to be used in the winter. Umar took a breath of admiration for the life of Abu Darda. He is a godly Muslim who no longer needs this world.


“May Allah bestow His mercy on you. Will you help me? Will I send you something to ruin your life?” said Umar.


Abu Darda then smiled as he replied, “Do you remember Umar a hadith that the Prophet told us?

“What hadith?” Ask Umar


Abu Darda replied, “Has not the Prophet said, “Let one of you be concerning the world, like the supply of a rider (i.e. sufficient and makeshift).”


“Yes, I remember,” Umar said.


“Now what have we done after his death?” asked Abu Darda to Umar who was bowing his head.


Abu Darda’s words really touched Umar’s heart. Imagine again how the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) when he was still alive among the Muslims. The poverty of his life hardly matched it. All the actions of the Prophet were clearly re-imagined in his eyes.

In the end Umar couldn’t hold back his soul that night. He cried sobbing, followed by Abu Darda.


So the two companions wept with sadness. His soul was shattered unthinkable. The more he remembers the Messenger of God, the more heartbreaking he is. Both cried until dawn. The world they’re on is no longer a world.    

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