The Prophet Last Hajj: Wada’ Hajj Story Part 2



On the 8th of Dzulhijjah, or to be precise, the heart of tarwiyah, he went to Mina and prayed Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, and Fajr there. After waiting for some time until the sun rose, he continued his journey until he arrived at Arafah and the tents had been set up there. He entered the tent reserved for him. After the sun slipped, he asked to be brought in Al-Qashwa ‘, then rode him until he arrived in the middle of the Arafah Field. There were already gathered about one hundred twenty-four thousand or one hundred and forty thousand Muslims. He stood before them delivering a public speech.


“O people, listen to my words! I don’t know for sure, maybe I won’t see you again after this year under these circumstances. Verily, your blood and wealth are sacred to you, as is holy this day, in this month and in your land. You know, everything from the affairs of ignorance is no longer valid under the soles of my feet, the blood of ignorance is not valid, and the first blood from our blood that I erased was the blood of Ibn Rabi’ah bin Al Harith. Riba Jahiliyah does not apply and the first usury that I abolished was usury Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. All of that doesn’t happen.


Fear Allah and the problem of women, because you took them with the mandate of Allah and you justified their genitals with the word of Allah. You have a right over them, that they may not bring anyone you hate into your bed. If they do this, then hit them with a painless punch. They have the right to your sustenance and their clothes in the right way. I have left among you something that you will never go astray after, while you hold fast to it, namely the Book of Allah.


O people, there is no prophet after me and no nation after you. Know, worship your Lord, perform your five daily prayers, observe your Ramadan fasts, pay your zakat voluntarily, perform Hajj in the house of your Lord and obey your guardians, you will surely enter Paradise which is provided by your Lord.


Of course you are wondering about me. Then what did you say?”


They replied, “We testify that you have preached, carried out your obligations and given advice.” Then he said while pointing his index finger to the sky and pointing it at the people, 


“O Allah, bear witness!” He raised it three times. As for the one who shouted in front of people imitating his words, it was Rabiah bin Umayyah bin Khalaf.

After the Prophet SAW finished delivering his speech, the word of Allah came down. “Today I have perfected for you your religion, and have completed My favor upon you, and have pleased Islam as a religion for you.” (Surat al-Maidah: 3)


Umar bin Al-Khattab who listened to him could not hold back his tears. Any questions. “Why are you crying?” He replied, “Indeed, after perfection there are only flaws.”

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