The World in Hand, Not at Heart

We often see many of the people who live with wealth. Some have power, so they can do whatever they want in their lives. They often visit some very beautiful places. Not just in Indonesia, even to foreign countries. Vacation and shopping are their routine to spend their possessions. They have enjoyed the paradise of the world. But everything that is in him, both wealth, power, fulfilling all desires does not make their hearts calm. 


Their wealth and everything they own in no way makes their lives happy. Why so, and what’s the cause? The answer is in the teachings of religion. 


Among the main problems described in the Qur’an is that there is no happiness either in the world or in the Hereafter except by the pleasure of Allah’s gift and obedience to Him. Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, “Remember, it is only by remembering Allah that the heart becomes serene.”  (QS. Ar-Ra’d: 28). 


This verse is very clear and firm as a strong proposition that man can not achieve happiness only with wealth and have power unless he remembers to dhikr to Allah SWT so that the heart becomes calm. Dhikr here is not only limited to reading tasbih, tahmid and so on, but always remembers Allah SWT and receives and is pleased with the gift from Allah SWT.


In the hadith qudsi it is mentioned, “O man, accept freely whatever I have given you all, when you are pleased with what I have given you then your heart and body will be calm and I record as a good and if you are not pleased with My gift then the world will rule over you and”. 


This hadith is very beautiful. A few words but very broad meanings. This hadith also shows that true happiness is not with wealth and not visiting pleasant places. Many people live poor lives but they achieve and feel happiness. Because their hearts are always connected, always remembering Allah SWT. And there are so many people who live from childhood to adulthood, they live with wealth, their lives are on a spree, have fun obeying their passions and in the end they die in their world. 



There is an atsar that gives us an important warning, “O my family, my children, do not play with the world like the world that has been playing with me. I have raised lawful and haram money and I have left it to you all for you to enjoy and you will be held accountable for it before Allah SWT.” 


Any treasure will be lost on the Day of Resurrection and it will be of no use to us and it is not a joy. Happiness is where our path to Allah SWT and our hearts always remember Allah SWT. May Allah make the world in our hands and not to be in our hearts. May Allah SWT always give us lawful sustenance and our hearts will always love Allah SWT. Aaamiin.

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