When Silence Is Actually Beneficial

Sometimes a person’s silence actually contains wisdom and benefits. There are many stories that reinforce the importance of silence.


One of them is what happened to Abu Yusuf. Once, Abu Yusuf, a friend and student of the famous Imam Abu Hanifa, delivered a study of fiqh in the mosque. A man who also heard the study was silent from the start.


Abu Yusuf was curious and wanted to hear questions or comments from that person. He tried to provoke, “Why are you silent? Don’t you have any questions?”

The man finally spoke. He also asked, “When does someone break their fast?” Abu Yusuf replied, “After sunset.”


The man continued his question, “If it doesn’t set until midnight, what will it be?”


Hearing the question Abu Yusuf could not help but laugh. Then he said: لقد أصبت فى سكوتك وأخطأت فى استدعاء نطقك 


“You were right when you chose silence. I was wrong when you asked to speak.”


From this we can draw the first lesson, in fact silence does not provoke questions that are actually troublesome and useless. Second, sometimes advice can also be done through light jokes that don’t hurt.

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