Why Is Nature Submissive to Humans?

Nature is everything besides Allah SWT (kullu wa siwa Allah). In describing its caliphate, Allah SWT subjects the universe to mankind. Allah SWT affirms: Do you not see that Allah has subjected to you whatever is on the earth and the ark that sails in the sea by His command? And He restrains the sky from falling on the earth except by His permission. Indeed, Allah is to the people Kind and Merciful. (QS al-Hajj/22:65).


When man was first created, Allah called on all beings to bow down to Adam, and all prostrated except the devil: Remember when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily I will make a caliph on the earth.” They said, “Why do you want to make a man on earth who will do damage to him and shed blood, when we are always blessed with praise for you and purify you?” The Lord said, “I know what you do not know.” (QS al-Baqarah/2:30). Angels are prostrate, especially creatures of the universe. The Earth, moon, sun, and stars are all submissive and obedient to man. Including the sea, mountains, and animals and plants.


Man may manage the universe for and in order to perfect his capacity as a servant and caliph. The subjugation of the universe is not without reason. In addition to the direct command of Allah SWT and his other creatures, also de facto man has a number of special waan that are not inherent in angels and jinn, as described in the previous article.


The universe will submit to man as long as it properly performs the capacity and function of its caliphate. Man continues to lead the universe in accordance with the guidance of the Khalik as proclaimed in the Scriptures. For example, in carrying out the capacity of his caliphate, man does not exceed the limits as described in the previous article.


Man must not deviate from the provisions outlined by Allah SWT to him, which will ultimately harm the life of mankind, as hinted in the verse: There has been corruption on land and in the sea in the chapter of the deeds of human hands, so that Allah feels to make some of (the consequences) do them, so that they return (to the right path). (QS al-Rum/30:41).


The concept of taskhir in Islam has preconditions. When man forgets himself as a servant and caliph who must purify the earth, but they explore nature beyond the threshold of his carrying capacity, and their neighbors blaspheme each other and cause bloodshed, as feared in the above verse. Presumably the prediction of the angel in QS al-Baqarah above is correct. Everywhere there is disruption of the natural environment and ling kungan life and war to the point of bloodshed between fellow human beings.


When man no longer heeds the provisions of Allah SWT, for example the rulers no longer side with the justice and welfare of the people, ignoring common sense and conscience, business people no longer heed business ethics, scholars and scientists have lost consideration of objectivity, workers and employees have lost their sense of sincerity, then when disaster after disaster always lurks in society. It could be that the emergence of new viruses, such as Covid-19, is part of human failure as caliph.


Humans no longer think about the pattern of balance and harmony of ecosystems. They are more educated by ego and gluttony so that they become caliphs without being guided by conscience. As a result, humans themselves have to bear various risks. Allahu a’lam.

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