Here’s How to Calculate the Right Amount of Zakat Mal

In addition to fasting, paying zakat is also a mandatory law for Muslims. Zakat itself consists of two kinds, namely zakat fitrah and zakat mal.


Zakat fitrah must be issued before the arrival of Eid al-Fitr on 1 Syawal or when it has entered the month of Ramadan. The provision of zakat fitrah is about 2.5 kg or 3.5 liters per person in the form of basic foodstuffs of the local area.


Meanwhile, zakat mal is a zakat that is charged in the form of money, gold, securities, and assets that are rented. Usually people who have more wealth for 1 year, can pay zakat mal to people in need.


So what are the requirements of people, property, and how to calculate zakat mal correctly?


As exemplified by the National Amil Zakat Agency on its official website, the calculation of zakat mal is as follows:


2.5% x Number of assets stored for 1 year




Mr. A for a full year has a treasure stored (gold / silver / money) worth Rp 100,000,000. If the current price of gold is Rp 622,000/gram, then nishab zakat worth Rp 52,870,000. So Mr. A is obliged to zakat. Zakat maal that you need to cash in are:


2.5 % x Rp 100,000,000 = Rp 2,500,000


How to calculate zakat mal can be adjusted to the price of gold that is always changing every time.


Meanwhile, in this case, zakat mal that wants to be paid must meet the nishab requirement or minimum limit and be free from debt. Not only that, the property that must be paid as zakat mal is also owned by others.


If you have enough asset to be considered as fardhu for zakat mal, Ariosan Foundation registered in the National Zakat Amil Agency (BAZNAS) since July 24, 2020, stated by the decree of the National Zakat Amil Agency (BAZNAS) of East Java, by the decree issue No. 05/SK/BAZNAS.JTM/VII/2020. So you can zakat through Ariosan Foundation.


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