Magical Aid During the Battle of Uhud

Sa’d bin Abi Waqqash and Talhah bin Ubaidillah are indeed known as excellent archers in the Arabian Peninsula. They kept releasing arrows, so that they could drive the polytheists away from the Messenger of Allah. He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) helped remove an arrow from its quiver and then handed it over to Sa’d bin Abi Waqqash, saying, “Keep arrows for the sake of my father and mother as your ransom.”


As for Talhah bin Ubaidillah, An-Nasa’i has narrated from Jabir about the story of the polytheists who surrounded the Messenger of Allah, who was accompanied by only a few Ansar. Jabir said, “Then the polytheists knew the position of the Messenger of Allah, so he said, whose share are these people?”, “My share,” replied Talha.

Then Jabir recounted the actions of the Ansar people and how they died one by one as narrated by Muslim above. After all the Ansar were killed, Talha went forward and fought against eleven men until his fingers were cut off. He said, “Feel you!”. Rasulullah SAW replied, “If you said bismillah, surely the angels would lift you up and people could see you.” Then Allah (SWT) made the polytheists retreat.


It is mentioned in the narration of Al-Hakim, that he got thirty-nine or thirty-five wounds in the battle of Uhud and his fingers were cut off. Al-Bukhari narrated from Qais bin Abu Hazim, he said, “I saw Talhah’s fingers were cut off, for protecting the Prophet Muhammad in the battle of Uhud.”


At-Tirmidhi narrated that at that time the Prophet Muhammad SAW said about Talha, “Whoever wants to see a martyr walking on the earth, let him see Talha bin Ubaidillah.” Abu Daud Ath-Thayasili narrated from Aisha, she said, “If Abu Bakr remembers the battle of Uhud, then he says, that day all belonged to Talha. He also said, O Talhah bin Ubaidillah, it is appropriate if you get to heaven and sit on beautiful pearl crystals.”


At that critical moment, Allah (SWT) sent down help in a supernatural way. In Ash-Shahihain from Sa’d, he says, “I saw the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) at the time of the battle of Uhud with two men who fought fiercely, wearing white clothes. I’ve never seen those two before or since.” In a narration it is stated that the two people are the angels Gabriel and Mikail.

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