Start Doing These Things This Rabi’ul Awwal

The month of Rabi’ul Awwal is the month of beginning. It is the month when Prophet Muhammad SAW was born, which is also the month of the new luminescent light shining upon the universe, as the birth of the prophet itself was the sign of downpouring blessings. Committing to begin doing kind things in this month is pretty much incredible. Basically, we can start it anytime, yet Rabi’ul Awwal is always a good start. The followings are list of ideas of things you can start doing this Rabi’ul Awwal.

  1. Learn about the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

If you have not yet read the thorough history of Prophet Muhammad, you can start now by reading Sirah Nabawiyah or the collection tiny bites of stories available online like on the Instagram, Twitter, or other social platform. They usually provide the history little by little, so you can consume it every day without pressure. However, be careful on which resources you are picking as some of them do not provide accurate history.

  1. Educate ourselves with Islamic sciences and knowledge.

There are lots of mobile apps and websites as well, enables you to learn more about Islam. You can even ask them anything about Islam, and they will answer it for you. Just do some search on Google and you will find a bunch. Educating ourselves with these knowledge enables us to guard ourselves from false news, propaganda, or even doctrines.

  1. Recite the Qur’an on a daily basis.

Reciting Qur’an every day is also an incredible habit to take up and build. For us who are quite busy with routines and life in general, we usually forget to read Qur’an. This is a must, since reading it a bit a day keeps the devil at bay.

  1. Listen to Qur’an Murratal/Qira’ah more.

If you are too busy even to read a verse of Qur’an, at least you listen to it. Do not worry, you will still get the reward of listening to it. Our prophet Muhammad himself loved doing that during his life.

  1. Do the dzikrullah and shalawat more.

Remembrance of Him (Allah) is vital. To do that, you can start with opening your eyes, look around yourselves, wander, contemplate, and reciting dzikrullah and shalawat at the same time. Wish that He will always guide and protect you.

  1. Start to attend Islamic assembly or gathering regularly.

This is a good opportunity to enrich our knowledge and strengthen our brotherhood at the same moment.

  1. Share your knowledge as part of ‘amal jaariyah.

As we know, ‘ilm an-nafi’a is one kind of amal jaariyah. It is the deed that the reward would not be stopped even after we die. To do this, we do not need to be famous of well-known. We can share our knowledge by teaching a group of neighbor’s children, or even by writing.

  1. Join an Islamic discussion group, which can be online or offline.

Never underestimate online groups since it would definitely help during this kind of pandemic breakout. Whether it is offline or online discussion group, if the people there are nice and helpful, we can join it anywhere we prefer. This kind of group will help us improve our knowledge, train our critical thinking, as well as refill our faith to Allah.

  1. Count the blessings you own now, and remember who are less fortunate.

Feel the ease when you walk, feel the colours you see, feel the odours you smell, feel the mellifluous speech you hear, feel the delicious food you taste, feel the freshness of your drinks, feel the coldness of water you splash, and see how much Allah has given you. Compare it with the less fortunate people you see begging on the road, the homeless, the disable, and just realise how He keeps you blessed.

  1. Pray more.

Allah always love anyone who beg Him desperately, since it reflects one’s faith towards Him. It is Him whom we are going to go back to, and it is to Him where we ask anything in our lifetime.

May Allah shower His mercy to us all, and keep us guided and protected from any harm.

Allahu a’lam bi as-shawab.

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