Story from Muhammad (ﷺ): Dzulbijadain Who Like to Dzikr


Sayyidina Dzulbijadain RA is a shahabat who has been orphaned since childhood. He lives with his uncle who loves him very much.


Knowing he converted to Islam, his uncle and mother were angry and expelled him without a single piece of clothing he was wearing. But as a mother she felt sorry for her son so that she gave a thick blanket that was worn to

Sayyidina Dzulbidajain


“Then the blanket was divided into two, wrong to wear at the top and wrong again used the bottom,” 


Sayyidina Dzulbidajain came to Medina and lived in the Prophet’s Mosque, which is in Shuffah near the door of His Majesty the Prophet (s).


Seeing this, Syyidina Umar ra said, “This man is riya, so that he remembers it like that.”


Hearing the words, Sayyidina Umar, His Holiness the Prophet (pbuh) said. “No, even he belongs to Awwabin (those who in all affairs always return to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala).”


Sayyidina Dzulbidajain RA died in tabuk. One night, the friends noticed a light was on near the cemetery. When they approached, they saw The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) descending on his grave. Then, he told Sayyidina Abu Bakar and Sayyidina Umar RA.


“Pick up and bring your brother’s body here” The two companions lifted the body and handed it over to The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)


“O Allah, I love him, so please him.”


Sayyidina Abdullah ibn Mas’ud ra said I witnessed all the burials, and my heart said. “How lucky would it be if it were my body.”

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