The story of Ashabur Rass: Black Slaves

The story of Ashabur Rass

Black Slaves

Ibn Ishaq narrated from Muhammad ibn Ka’b who said that Rasulullah SAW once said, “Verily, the first human to enter heaven on the Day of Resurrection will be a black servant. That is because Allah SWT sent a prophet to the inhabitants of a city, none of the residents of the city believed except the servant who was black. Then the residents of the city caught their prophet, then made a well. Then they threw his prophet into the well, then they closed the mouth of the well with a large stone. That servant every day set out to look for wood, then he carried the wood on his shoulder and sold the wood, the result he bought food and drink. Then he brought the food and drink to the well. Then he lifted the boulder with the help of Allah (until he was strong enough to lift it) alone), then he held out the food and drink into the well. When finished, he returned the stone as before.

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