The story of Ashabur Rass: Final

Ending part..

This is what the servant does every day for the time God wills. Then one day as usual he was looking for wood. After getting the wood, he gathered it and tied it up. When he was about to shoulder her, suddenly a heavy sleepiness attacked him. He lay down for a while to rest and fell asleep, so Allah made him sleep for seven years. After that he woke up and stretched his body, then moved to the other side of the stomach, then Allah made him sleep again for the next seven years. Then he woke up and carried his wooden bundle on his shoulder, thinking that he had only slept for half the day. Then he came to town and sold the wood, then bought food and drink as he had done before. He went to the well where there was a prophet who was locked up. So he looked for it, but found he could not find it. Unknowingly his people had realized, then they took the prophet out of the well, and they believed in him and confirmed him. Then the Prophet asked them about the black slave, what was it did he do? They replied, ‘We do not know,’ until finally the prophet died. After that the black slave woke up from his sleep.” So Rasulullah SAW said: “Verily the black slave is the first person to enter heaven.”

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